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Crisis Management

Whether a company survives a crisis with its assets, operations and reputation intact depends more often on the quality and timeliness of its response than on the nature of the crisis itself. In a world where social media allows for a 24-hour news cycle and real-time international dialogue, the call for a response is intensified. Companies that hesitate or that mishandle crises are punished by the markets and their customers, employees, and regulators.

At Logos Consulting Group, we help our clients make the critical business decisions that can prevent or mitigate damage or recover from an event that threatens reputation, assets, and operations. Our distinctive approach helps leaders accurately diagnose the challenges facing them and make more strategic decisions to manage those challenges. We establish early warning systems to know when a choice may need to be made, as well as structures and processes to prevent crises from happening and to respond effectively when they do. We help clients establish decision criteria to ensure that the right choices are made at the right time. And we help ensure ongoing readiness so that companies can minimize the impact of a crisis early enough to maintain their competitive position.

When to Retain Logos?

In ideal circumstances, our clients retain us before a crisis occurs, and we develop plans and scenarios for managing the impact of an event once it breaks. More frequently, however, we are retained as an event is breaking or just after it has broken, when the opportunity to prevent damage is low but when it is still possible to mitigate harm.

We Provide

Development of de novo crisis management plans and structures to assure readiness
at the facility, regional, national, headquarters, global, or enterprise level.
Crisis management 
consulting before or during a live crisis.
Adaptation of existing crisis plans to new markets or to reflect new political, economic, sector, market, technological, or client-specific realities.
Crisis simulation and war-gaming – exercised in both secure real world environments and secure, simulated social media platforms – to assure a plan will actually work or to fix one that is seen not to work.
Crisis team development, training, and counseling. 

How Do We Do This?

Our team of consultants has decades of experience working with clients in a broad cross-section of industries, grappling with a wide variety of crisis events. We understand the need for speed and strategy in crisis management. We help our clients understand that crisis management is far more than skillful public relations; it is a business function and operational imperative.

When necessary, we are comfortable telling unpleasant truths to those in authority, so that they fully appreciate the challenges they face. We work with senior management to identify the true problem, and then create scenarios that allow decision makers to understand expected – and unexpected – consequences of different courses of action.

And we do it quickly, often within the first client meeting.

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