LOGOS IN THE NEWS: Logos Quoted in Senior Housing News

Logos Consulting Group president Helio Fred Garcia was quoted in the February 9 issue of Senior Housing News, the leading source for news and information covering the senior housing industry.



The story, “Six Layers of Defense Against Fires in Senior Living,”  by reporter  Emily Smart, followed a number of recent fatal fires in senior living facilities.  Experts in senior living addressed strategies for presenting fires.  The piece ended with this:

“There is an expectation for senior living communities to have clear fire warning and suppression systems — including alarms and sprinklers — and that the building meet all appropriate safety standards in state and local law,” says Helio Fred Garcia, a crisis management consultant. “To the degree that any of those expectations are unfulfilled, then part of the corrective path going forward is to identify what didn’t meet expectations and then fix it.”




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