PRESS RELEASE: The Third Edition of Reputation Management Published

New York, NY (Feb. 9, 2015) – Today, the third edition of Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication was released.

Reputation Management is a how-to guide for professional communicators and business executives, as well as advanced students in communication. This book provides a field-tested guide to core challenges in managing all the ways organizations engage their stakeholders to protect, maintain, and enhance reputation.

Reputation Management has been widely adopted by universities across the U.S.,” Garcia said, “It is important that we keep the content refined and up to date on a regular basis.”

The official co-authors of the entire book are John Doorley and Logos president Helio Fred Garcia. But several individual chapters were written or co-written by other industry experts, including several from Logos Consulting Group.

Garcia wrote the chapters on Ethics, Investor Relations (with Gene Donati) Issues Management, Crisis Communication, and Challenges Facing the Profession. Doorley wrote the chapters on Reputation Management, Media Relations, and Community Relations.

Logos Consulting Group senior advisor Anthony Ewing wrote the chapter on Corporate Responsibility. Logos Consulting Group senior advisor Laurel Hart wrote the chapter on Social Media, as well as a sidebar on social media for the Crisis Communication chapter. Logos Institute senior fellow Raleigh Mayer wrote a sidebar for the Media Relations chapter called “The Art of the Pitch.”

The third edition of Reputation Management is available on Amazon here.

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