Leaders change the world. But they don’t do it alone.

They ignite others toward a common cause. They inspire others to believe in their vision of a better world. Of a kinder world. Of inclusion. Of peace. Of justice. Of so much more.

At Logos Consulting Group, we believe in this world and we see this world in the work that we do. Our mission is to build a better world by equipping people to become leaders who ignite change in the world for the good.

We do this by helping our clients inspire those who matter to them to make a difference in their own industries and communities, and the world at large. We advise and coach our clients in three key areas: crisis managementcrisis communication; and executive coaching.

  • What It Means to Be An Asian Woman in The Workplace

    And What Businesses Can To to Create An Inclusive Culture

    I have an uncommon, un-American-looking name.

    Many people whom I’ve met in person multiple times in a professional setting have never remembered or addressed me by my name. People often mispronounce my name without trying to figure out the correct…

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  • Crisis Simulations: Why practice can make all the difference

    Imagine taking your driver’s test without ever having driven a car or taken a driver’s education course. You’d more likely end up straddled on a curb with a dented bumper than passing the test with flying colors, right?

    Had you practiced beforehand, you almost certainly would perform better in your road test. Why?…

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  • The Plague of Hate: What Now?

    “You f*&#ing stupid Asian!”

    On a sunny afternoon in 2017, a man hurled this insult at me as I was crossing Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan, minding my own business. I didn’t take it seriously at the time. It was my second year living in the U.S., and I thought I just had an unlucky day.

    However, the longer…

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