LOGOS IN THE NEWS: Helio Fred Garcia Presents at 200th Military Police Command Hosts Detainee Operations Training Event

From June 14 to June 17, 2021, Logos President Helio Fred Garcia participated in and was a speaker at the 200th Military Police Command Hosts Detainee Operations Training Event (DOTE).

The event brought together a vast array of subject matter experts on the topic of detainee operations to share lessons learned from the past and give the participants a chance to envision possible challenges in future large-scale combat operations. Furthermore, the DOTE consisted of teaching, mentoring, briefing, and highly interactive exchanges that allowed attendees to understand the challenges that units tasked to run detainee operations.

Garcia, one of two civilian speakers at the event, presented on crisis communication at the event.

Garcia reflected on the event in a news article shared in the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service.  “The scandals involving detainee operations in the last wars highlighted how detainee operations can have a significant effect on national security and foreign policy interests of the United States,” he explained. “As a citizen, I was deeply impressed that the U.S. Army and the 200th Military Police Command are so thoughtful and forward-looking to be ready to get detainee operations right in the next war.”

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