GUEST COLUMN: A. Tiouririne & M. Cioffoletti of Logos Publish Endorsement Analysis in Bloomberg Politics

Washington Endorsements Show Republican Race’s Battle Lines

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley shook up the Republican presidential race this week by endorsing Florida Senator Marco Rubio. But much of the endorsement action is back in Washington, where a Bloomberg Politics analysis by Adam Tiouririne and Michelle Cioffoletti of Logos Consulting Group, in partnership with Bloomberg Politics, illustrates Ted Cruz’s clear dominance with hard-core conservatives; the battle between Rubio and Jeb Bush for establishment support; and John Kasich’s potential to lock down his party’s left flank.

The analysis of public endorsements among the 300 Republican members of Congress—54 senators and 246 representatives—underscores the fragmentation of a field led by Donald Trump, who lacked a single congressional backer as of Friday morning, when the analysis was completed. If unchecked in South Carolina, he will likely head into Super Tuesday with a clear delegate lead.


For additional endorsement analysis, including conservative records and endorsements still up for grabs, read the full article online at

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