GUEST COLUMN: Adam Tiouririne Analyses Language of Latest Democratic Debate in Bloomberg Politics

Adam Tiouririne is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Politics.

Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Wisconsin follows Sanders’ 22-point victory over Clinton in New Hampshire, where he won 82 percent of young voters and 55 percent of female voters. On Thursday, Clinton sought to make up ground with each of those groups.


According to analysis from Tiouririne, there was a distinct shift in Clinton’s language from “me” to “we.” Clinton promised six times to “tear down,” “break down,” “root out,” or “tackle” barriers holding Americans back. It was a significant shift from the last debate, where she focused less on the challenges facing Americans and more on her own experience in confronting them. Clinton referred to herself 249 times on Thursday, compared to 367 times in the last debate.

Meanwhile, Sanders confronted his own demographic hurdle: After Iowa and New Hampshire, each of which is more than 90 percent white, polls show headwinds for him among Hispanics in Nevada (who made up 15 percent of Democratic caucus turnout in 2008) and African-Americans in South Carolina (55 percent of Democratic voters in the 2008 primary).

For more analysis, view the full story online at Bloomberg Politics.

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