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To our clients, colleagues, and friends,

This month Logos Consulting Group begins our 22nd year in operation.

As we complete our 21st year, we want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and confidence over the years.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to pursue our mission – to equip people to become leaders who ignite and inspire change in the world for the good – with hundreds of clients and thousands of people across the United States and the world.

As of this month, Logos has worked with 450 clients. Some have been our clients for decades, including before Logos was around. Some were clients only for a single project. Some are industry leaders, such as some of the largest money center banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, industrial and manufacturing companies, and hospitality companies. Some are younger, smaller, and more entrepreneurial organizations. We’ve also worked with non-profits, cultural organizations, educational institutions, and religious and multi-religious institutions. And we’ve been honored to work with various branches and joint commands of the U.S. armed forces throughout this time.

We’ve also worked with clients where they are. In our 21 years (more precisely, the 19 ½ years because of COVID travel restrictions), we have worked on the ground in 45 U.S. states and in 43 countries on six continents.

In our time we have been able to build out our three primary areas of practice: Crisis ManagementCrisis Communication, and Executive Leadership Development. Over our 21 years, Logos team members, past and present, have authored or co-authored eight books (thirteen, if you include revised editions and translations). And through our publishing arm, we have published two books by non-Logos authors, with more on the way. And Logos team members served on graduate professional faculties, have been contract lecturers, and have been guest speakers in dozens of universities around the world.

I especially want to thank all those who worked at Logos in various capacities over the years: As staff, as interns, as consultants and business partners, as service providers. And to thank their families, who made their service possible.

We enter our 22nd year with deep gratitude, with humility, and with enthusiasm. Here’s to the next 22 years….