GUEST COLUMN: With Bloomberg Politics, Adam Tiouririne Analyzes a Cruz-Rubio Tag-Team

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio ganged up on Donald Trump at Thursday’s Republican debate, according to a Bloomberg analysis featuring Adam Tiouririne of Logos.

The two senators hit Trump “with their most coordinated strike yet at Thursday’s debate in Detroit, heeding 2012 nominee Mitt Romney’s call to ‘find some common ground’ in challenging the frontrunner,” write Tiouririne and Andre Tartar of Bloomberg.

It wasn’t the first time Cruz and Rubio attacked Trump, but it was the first time this year that they did so without attacking each other. The analysis also shows how John Kasich, the lowest-polling candidate still in the race, tried to break through with a focus on substance and his own record.

Attacks - 4 Mar

The full analysis is available on

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