Communicating with Impact 4-29-24

Event Date:

April 29, 2024

Event Time:

12:00 PM

We’ve been communicating in one way, shape, or form since the day we’ve been born. Now learn how to communicate with IMPACT!

If you are a leader, you are charged with inspiring people to action, taking care of people, demonstrating empathy; you are charged with moving those who matter most when it matters most. Therefore, you have a responsibility to communicate in an effective way – with impact. And there is a rigor to communicating with impact. This webinar creates a mindset, instructs on techniques, and provides tools for effective planning, creation, and execution of communication with impact. It focuses on understanding the purpose of any given communication, the audience you are communicating with, and how to secure the desired change in what the audience feels, knows, thinks, and does to achieve that purpose.

How This Course Will Help You:

  • You will become a better leader by harnessing the power of communication effectively.
  • You will move audiences to feel, think, know, and do what you need them to.
  • You will enhance your capacity to inspire, motivate, persuade, and influence in the workplace.

Who This Course is For: Everyone.

*All classes are listed in Eastern Standard Time (New York, U.S.).

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  • April 29, 2024 12:00 PM   -   1:30 PM
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