Logos Institute Press Celebrates the Launch of its Third Title ‘The Power of Genuine Leadership’

On Thursday December 10, Logos Institute Press held a virtual celebration for the launch of its third title, The Power of Genuine Leadership: How Authentic Leaders Earn Trust by Patrick Donahue PhD. It is also the third title in the Logos Institute Best Practices Series.

Over forty of Patrick’s friends, former and current colleagues, and family attended the online event, which included a live Q&A with the author and remarks from special guest speakers representing different eras of the author’s career and leadership legacy.

One special guest speaker, Kerry Burrell, was a student athlete on the men’s basketball team at Bradley University where Patrick was an assistant coach. Kerry shared how, after one particularly bad game, Patrick stayed late into the night with him to practice his shooting. “I still call you Coach D, because you’re a life coach, and thank you for impacting my life,” Kerry said.

Another guest speaker, Liz Krumsee, was one of Patrick’s early hires at the global pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly. Liz read from a letter she wrote to Patrick over a decade ago, when he was transitioning to a new role at the company: “Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values. Your values and actions are consistently aligned, and your story’s theme is clear: integrity, team, family, authenticity, loyalty, and respect. To learn from you, all I had to do was observe. Thank you, Pat, for your leadership.”

The author also shared his reflections on what he learned through the process of writing his first book, and what his book’s biggest contributions are. “Something that I learned over the course of writing this book is that you can always learn more,” said Patrick. “Staying curious is really motivating, and important.” He also noted how all of his guest speakers mentioned the book’s emphasis on consistency. “Sometimes just a simple thing like consistency is really the game changer. As a leader, if you stay consistent with your behaviors, people really appreciate that. They want to come in everyday and know what they’re going to get.”

The Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership stands at the intersection of scholarship and practice, providing rigorous analysis and practical application of key leadership principles. It is in this same spirit that the Institute’s publishing imprint Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press was created, to produce written material to help clients and students build their own capacity for leadership and effective communication, in crisis and other high-stakes situations. You can purchase your copy of the Power of Genuine Leadership today by clicking here.