PRESS RELEASE: The Chinese-language edition of The Agony of Decision Featured in Notesman in China

New York, NY (April 23, 2020) – The Chinese-language edition of The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia, was named one of the “Eight Must-Read Books in the Next Ten Years” by Notesman. The announcement came on World Reading Day in China.

“I’m honored to see The Agony of Decision Chinese edition is featured in that list and to know that the book is helping leaders and organizations in China navigate through difficult times,” Garcia noted.

Notesman (or 笔记侠 in Madarin Chinese) is one of the most-followed Wechat official accounts that share business insights.

“I hope this book can help you learn to make precise judgements and smart decisions in a crisis, and to take effective actions when the time is right, turning any danger to an opportunity,” said the editor of Notesman.

You can learn more about the English edition of Agony of Decision here. The Chinese edition is available as a physical book, an e-book, and an audio book at all major Chinese online markets, including Dangdang, JD, Taobao (Alibaba), and Amazon China.

For media inquiries, please reach out to Maida K. Zheng, [email protected] or at 646-338-0422.

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