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Michael Nathenson

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Michael Nathenson is an Associate at Logos Consulting Group and a Fellow at Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership.

Michael has served as a firefighter for the Larchmont Fire Department. In this role, he also took on the duties of public information officer, 

ensuring that clear communication was delivered to the public.

An experienced operations professional, Michael previously managed the expansion of a seafood restaurant group, tailoring a communication and rebranding strategy to support the restaurant’s image during a time of rapid growth and difficult relations with local government. After the owners of the restaurant group encountered hostility from the zoning board due to their ethnicity, Michael was able to utilize traditional and social media sources and grassroots organizing to build public support, leading to the creation of a new brick and mortar location.

Michael has also worked on startups and advised founders on business, go to market, and communication strategies.


Michael has also advised social media strategists and celebrities on communication strategies, helping them ensure a clear plan of action was developed before communicating. He has personally published articles on the power of TikTok as a communication and marketing tool, accurately predicting the platform’s rise to prominence. Michael has also ghost written several articles on topics which he is knowledgeable about.


In 2020, Michael led a group of financial engineers and computer scientists in the development of advanced options trading algorithms.


Michael is also an experienced teacher. For five years, Michael taught STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to students of all ages through a gifted and talented education program. He has served as a teaching assistant at Sarah Lawrence College for several American political science and history classes.


Michael holds a bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College in History and Health Science. He has also earned two national board certifications for Firefighter 1 and Fire and Life Safety Educator 1, as well as New York State certifications in Engine Company Operations, Flood Water Rescue, and Swift Water Rescue. Michael has also completed several graduate education courses.


In his free time, Michael is an avid weightlifter and enjoys playing and coaching ultimate frisbee.

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