LOGOS IN THE NEWS: Helio Fred Garcia Quoted in Forbes

On May 5, 2021, Logos President Helio Fred Garcia was quoted in an article by Ed Segal in Forbes on crisis management lessons from Peloton’s treadmill recall.

Peloton’s delayed response after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s warning about the company’s product prompted crisis management professionals to reflect on the missteps and missed opportunities within this crisis.

Garcia’s advice to business leaders facing similar crises: don’t delay.

“A foundational strategy ineffective crisis management is to do what you know you’ll have to do anyway, while it can still do you the most good, whether you like it or not,” said Garcia. “‘The latest development in the Peloton treadmill saga provides a cautionary example of what happens when leaders choose to abandon this strategy— and prolong the crisis and its negative consequences as a result.”

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