LOGOS IN THE NEWS: Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge: Quoted on Managing Crisis in a Hyper-connected World

“But technology improvements have created challenges as well. The proliferation of, and access to, communication tools like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, made even easier through mobile technology, means that the timeframe for getting information out to concerned publics is tighter than ever before. In addition, messages are likely to be shared more broadly and impacted more readily by third parties than was the case just five or ten short years ago.

Still, says Fred Garcia, “even in the old days people didn’t have as much time as they thought they did.” Garcia is the president of the crisis management firm, Logos, based in New York. He has worked with clients in dozens of countries on six continents and is the author of “The Power of Communication” which will be released by FT Press in May. Despite new technology, which represents both new opportunities and new challenges when communicating during crisis situations, Garcia stresses that the basic principles of effective communication remain the same. Others agree.”

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