LOGOS IN THE NEWS: Adam Tiouririne Featured in Bloomberg Analysis of Republican Debate

Bloomberg Politics partnered with Adam Tiouririne of Logos to quantify, analyze, and visualize the September 16 Republican presidential debate.

Campaign frontrunner Donald Trump “once again dominated the debate proceedings by many metrics, according to an analysis of CNN rush transcripts conducted by Bloomberg Politics in partnership with Adam Tiouririne,” writes Andre Tartar, economic data editor for Bloomberg News.

The analysis finds that Trump not only spoke more than his rivals, but much more simply. The businessman’s debate responses clocked in at a 5th Grade reading level, compared to 10th Grade for Ted Cruz and 7th or 8th Grade for the rest of the field.

Bloomberg - Debate Analysis - 16 Sep (R)

The Florida edition of Politico Playbook mentioned the piece in its roundup of the day’s most influential political stories, and the full analysis is available on BloombergPolitics.com.

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