GUEST COLUMN: Trump’s Inauguration Speech by the Numbers: Logos with Bloomberg Politics

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address adjusted his tone, but not his message of a country in dire need of fixing.

Analysis by Adam Tiouririne of Logos shows that The key moment of Friday’s inauguration speech came almost precisely at its midpoint, 722 words into the 1,433-word speech. That’s when Trump transitioned from a litany of America’s past failures to a vision of its future successes, announcing, “from this moment on, it’s going to be America first.” Along the way, he mentioned “America” or “American(s)” 34 times, a record-setting pace of 24 mentions per 1,000 total words.

In addition to mentioning “America” more often than ever, the Bloomberg analysis shows how Trump also used a slew of words and phrases unprecedented in the 228-year history of inauguration speeches — like “carnage,” “robbed,” and “radical Islamic terrorism.”

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