GUEST COLUMN: How Clinton Beat Trump: Adam Tiouririne with Bloomberg

There were two keys to victory in Monday’s first presidential debate: Hillary Clinton’s strategy, and Donald Trump’s response, according to Adam Tiouririne of Logos.

From the start of the debate, Clinton tried to bait Trump into self-destructive confrontations. By the end, she was playing with him like a vintage toy: Wind him up and watch him go. Tiouririne broke down the debate by the numbers with Andre Tartar, including revealing how Clinton acquiesced to Trump’s increasing airtime.


And how did Trump use that time? Increasingly, to lash out, in ways likely to turn off independent voters, highly educated Republicans, and women. Along with Quantified Communications, Tiouririne found that Trump’s use of negative emotion words — like terrible,stupid, or disaster — increased by about 50 percent between the start and end of the debate. Margaret Talev and Sahil Kapur featured this data in their post-game analysis from the media room at Hofstra University.

For more, including the exact number of times Trump said “tremendous,” find @Tiouririne on Twitter.

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