GUEST COLUMN: Adam Tiouririne Language Analysis of Final State of the Union Featured on Bloomberg Politics

Adam Tiouririne is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Politics. 

Seven years ago, newly elected President Barack Obama addressed lawmakers in the shadow of a devastating economic crisis but buoyed by the promise of change he’d campaigned on. On Tuesday night, Obama returned to the same podium for his final State of the Union address, with an economy in much better shape but other worries clouding the horizon. He reprised that same “change” theme as his presidential swan song.

Obama mentioned “change” almost twice as often as in any of his prior (and wordier) annual addresses, according to a Bloomberg Politics analysis of the eight speech transcripts and prepared remarks. Taken together, these moments—technically seven official State of the Union speeches plus Obama’s February 2009 address to a joint session of Congress—tell the story of a presidency.


More analysis – including a breakdown on language regarding terrorism and the state of the economy – is available in the full article online at

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