GUEST COLUMN: Adam Tiouririne in Bloomberg Politics: Analysis of the Two-Podium Democratic Showdown

Thursday night’s Democratic debate was the first of this race to feature just two podiums. The showdown between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders heralds a new, and more evenly-matched, phase just days before the New Hampshire primary.


According to analysis conducted by Adam Tiouririne of Logos, where the candidates clashed most fiercely was on the question of who was the true progressive. Clinton said her experience is the only route to real change, an argument she foreshadowed in the first debate, when she said, “I’m a progressive. But I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.” Meanwhile, Sanders has positioned himself as the bane of Wall Street, which he attacked for having too much economic and political power, in order to win the support of a declining middle class.

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