We help senior management teams to define and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Demonstrating corporate responsibility is a key challenge for business leaders . Acting responsibly today means more than legal compliance and goes beyond corporate philanthropy. Meeting both the financial and non-financial expectations of investors, customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, regulators, and the communities where it operates, helps a company to manage risk, protect its reputation, attract and retain employees, grow its markets, and sustain its financial performance. Failing to act responsibly can prompt public criticism, raise the costs of doing business, and even threaten the viability of the organization itself.

Logos has particular expertise helping companies to better understand and implement the corporate responsibility to respect human rights. Human rights impact management is an emerging discipline that encompasses corporate policy commitments to respect human rights and corporate efforts to any adverse human rights impacts connected to a company’s operations. Integrating human rights considerations and corporate crisis management is one way that companies can identify, prevent and address human rights impacts.


  • Corporate responsibility strategy development, standard-setting, and implementation counsel.
  • Corporate responsibility scenario planning.
  • Human rights impact management, including due diligence and risk mapping.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Business and human rights education, in-house training, and counseling.