New York, NY (April 14th, 2020) – The Chinese language edition of The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia has been published by the Posts & Telecom Press, a leading publisher of business and non-fiction titles in China. The publisher has positioned the book as an essential tool for Chinese leaders in all sectors to help restore trust and confidence of stakeholders lost in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am thrilled that this edition of The Agony of Decision is available at a moment of unprecedented crisis,” said Garcia. “As the recovery from COVID-19 continues, there is an opportunity to regain trust that has been lost and note the lessons that this pandemic has taught not only China, but the world.”

The Agony of Decision is the first title published by Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press in July 2017. The Chinese language title is 从危到机: 危机中的决策之痛与领导之术.

The Chinese edition was translated from English by Xinyin Lu, deputy director, the Institute of Corporate Communication at the Academy of Media and Public Affairs at the Communication University of China and by Dr. Steven Guanpeng Dong, Chair Professor and Dean of the School of Government and Public Affairs at the Communication University of China, the leading Chinese university specializing in journalism, communication, documentary filmmaking, and related disciplines. Dr. Dong also wrote the foreword to the Chinese edition.

You can learn more about the English edition here. The Chinese edition is available as a physical book, an e-book, and an audio book at all major Chinese online markets, including DangdangJDTaobao (Alibaba), and Amazon China.

For media inquiries, please reach out to Maida K. Zheng, or at 646-338-0422.

NEW YORK, NY (March 25, 2020) – As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic worsens, the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership advises clients to be prepared and vigilant in the seven dimensions of COVID-19.

The unprecedented scope of this crisis makes it difficult to predict what will happen next, and is unlike all others: COVID-19 unlike prior pandemics, natural disasters, and corporate implosions, is a situation that is constantly changing, and fundamentally reshaping the management of response.

“We have reviewed thousands of communications by CEOs, university presidents, NGO executive directors, secretaries general, and public officials,” said Helio Fred Garcia, president of Logos Consulting. “We identified patterns that help leaders and their organizations make smart choices and avoid unnecessary reputational damage and inadvertent self-inflicted harm.”

The unique challenge of COVID-19, Garcia explains, is that “It incorporates seven crises in one,” and he advises leaders across all industries to “be aware of every category that they must address”.

“There’s a danger that a leader might be so focused on any one of the dimensions that he or she will miss the need to address the others,” explained Garcia.


The Seven Dimensions of the COVID-19 Crisis Are:
  • Public Health
  • Business
  • Economic
  • Information
  • Competence of Government
  • Social
  • Mental Health

Media personnel should contact: Maida K. Zheng, or 646-338-0422


The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It


Author and leadership communication professor Helio Fred Garcia documents President Donald Trump’s increasingly dangerous rhetoric, from his campaign through the first 2 ½ years in office, and how some lone wolves were motivated by that rhetoric to commit violence, in his new book, WORDS ON FIRE: The Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It. Published by Radius Book Group, Words on Fire is scheduled for release on June 30, 2020.

WORDS ON FIRE is about the power of communication to do great harm, and how civic leaders and engaged citizens can hold leaders accountable to prevent such harm. Garcia focuses on the language President Trump uses that conditions an audience to accept, condone, and commit violence against a targeted group, rival, or critic. The book includes a history of such rhetoric and identifies a playbook of twelve forms of communication that typically precede acts of mass violence up to and including genocide. The Nazis used all twelve; the Rwandan Hutu used ten. Trump uses all twelve. Garcia also introduces a new, more accessible name for rhetoric that provokes violence: lone-wolf whistle violence, on the model of “dog whistle” politics, where politicians use coded language that conveys one meaning, usually benign, to most people, but a different meaning to members of a certain group or followers of a certain ideology.

“In my teaching and research, I study patterns: patterns that help leaders enhance competitive advantage, build trust and loyalty, and change the world for the better. I also note patterns that predictably, even if unintentionally, lead to hurt, to harm, and to violence,” said Garcia. “In reflecting on the President’s language, I noticed a pattern: He was using the very same rhetorical techniques that had preceded previous mass murders, including genocides. I worried that, left unchecked, he would continue, with increasingly dire consequences.”

WORDS ON FIRE describes the changes in the nation’s political culture and media that led to Trump’s nomination and presidency. It profiles leaders who dialed back their rhetoric when it was shown to put people’s lives at risk. The book closes with a call to action: We can learn the lessons of today to prepare for tomorrow, to help civic leaders, engaged citizens, journalists, and public officials recognize the phenomenon and take steps to hold other leaders accountable in the future when they use such language.


Advance Praise for Words on Fire

“Language is power, and powerful. It can uplift, or harm. Helio Fred Garcia is an astute student of language and communication. This book offers historic examples, keen insights and valuable advice on recognizing patterns of language that can harm or lead to violence.”

—  Former Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security spokesman, Col. David Lapan, USMC (Ret)

Words on Fire serves as a guiding light during this dark moment in our history. Every American should read this timely, imperative book if we are to save our democracy.”

—  Gold Star Parent and Immigrant American Khizr Khan

“Words On Fire should be mandatory reading and a guide book for every journalist, business school, religious leader, and elected official. Important institutions in our society and culture have the affirmative responsibility to stand up and speak out against the users and use of dangerous language.”

—  James E. Lukaszewski, America’s Crisis Guru®

“This is a highly readable guide to how we can call out and combat Trump’s toxic language and malignant agenda, and push back against the corrosive forces that enable Trumpism and put our country in peril.”

—  Evan Wolfson, Founder, Freedom to Marry

“Garcia, a proven scholar on communication, identifies rhetoric that breeds violence, affirms autocracy, and prompts terrorism as well as critical responses to those developments that serve as antidotes to trouble and strategies for building a more equitable, united world.”

— Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, President Emeritus, Interfaith Alliance


About the Author

For nearly 40 years Helio Fred Garcia has helped leaders build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively. Garcia is a coach, counselor, teacher, writer, and speaker whose clients include some of the largest and best-known companies and organizations in the world including. He has worked and taught in dozens of countries on six continents.

Since 1988 Garcia has been an adjunct professor of management at the New York University Stern School of Business executive MBA program, where he teaches crisis management and was named Executive MBA Great Professor in 2016. He is an adjunct associate professor of management and communication at NYU School of professional studies where he teaches communication strategy, communication ethics and law, and crisis communication.

Garcia is also an adjunct associate professor of professional development and leadership at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where he teaches ethics, crisis, and leadership.

He is a senior fellow at the Institute of Corporate Communication at Communication University of China. He is a contract lecturer at the Defense Information School and at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


Media Contact:

Johanna Ramos-Boyer

JRB Communications, LLC


On Wednesday June 19, Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership hosted more than 50 guests to celebrate the launch of the latest addition to the Logos Institute Best Practices Series, Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Competitive Advantage. The event was as much a celebration as it was a networking opportunity for those in attendance, which included a mix of professional connections, former students, as well as friends and family of the co-authors and hosts.

Five Frequencies is available in paperback and ebook formats, with an audio version on the way.

The book’s co-authors, Jeff Grimshaw, Tanya Mann, Lynne Viscio, and Jennifer Landis use their 20+ years of research and experience to inform readers in Five Frequencies on how leaders can transform organizational culture from bad to good or good to great. In alignment with the Logos Institute Best Practices Series’ goal of providing readers with readily applicable tools and concepts, Five Frequencies contains more than 20 actionable tips, called ‘Signal Boosts’ in the book, for readers to start transforming organizational culture today.

Two of the book’s four co-authors Jeff Grimshaw (near left) and Tanya Mann (center) mingling with guests.

The authors expressed their gratitude for Logos Institute’s partnership in publishing the book, especially to the book’s editor and Logos Institute fellow Holly Helstrom, who championed the book to be part of the Institute’s Best Practices Series and managed the publishing process from start to finish.

Jeff Grimshaw, one of the book’s co-authors, and Logos Institute executive director Helio Fred Garcia.

Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership is an incubator for creating and publishing ideas that provide rigorous analysis and practical application of key leadership principles, best practices, trends, and skills. The Institute is as equally devoted to being an industry think tank as it is to creating networking opportunities for industry professionals and strategic communication students to connect and find professional opportunities to advance the field.

New York, NY (May 7, 2019) – On Friday May 3, 2019, the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership honored Dr. Guanpeng (Steven) Dong with the 2019 Logos Institute Outstanding Leader Award. The award reception was held in the evening at the Logos Institute, where dozens of guests came to honor Dr. Dong.

Dr. Dong is an accomplished strategic communicator, crisis advisor, educator, and philanthropist with a multinational presence. He is the Chair and Professor of Media and Public Affairs for the Faculty of Professional Studies and Executive Education of Communication University of China in Beijing, the leading school that prepares journalists and PR practitioners. He also serves as Vice Chair of the China Public Relations Association and is a public relations advisor to the senior-most government officials in the Chinese government.

Logos president Helio Fred Garcia presenting the Logos Institute Outstanding Leader Award to Dr. Steven Guanpeng Dong, May, 2019


“I’m excited to accept this honor and to reunite with my friend Fred. I also look forward to potential opportunities to collaborate with Logos in the future in terms of joint book publishing and teaching,” said Dr. Dong.

Logos Institute president Helio Fred Garcia and Dr. Dong have been friends since 2011. In 2015, Dr. Dong invited Garcia to teach strategic communication in Tsinghua University through its Institute for Strategic Communication and Public Relations, of which Dr. Dong was a founding director. Garcia has been a Senior Fellow of Communication University of China since 2015.

New York, NY (Sep. 30, 2018) – The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia is now available as an audio book, narrated by Andy Waits. Earlier this year, The Agony of Decision was named # 2 on the list of the “51 Best Crisis Management Books of All Time” by Book Authority, the leading resource for nonfiction book recommendations.

“I’m pleased that The Agony of Decision is now available as an audiobook,” said Garcia. “I hope that, through this new format, more readers will be inspired to develop the mental readiness required to think clearly, make smart choices, and execute those choices effectively during a crisis.”

The Agony of Decision was published in 2017, the first book published under the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press imprint. It is also the first book in the Logos Institute Best Practices Series.

The audiobook edition of The Agony of Decision is available on all the leading audiobook platforms. You can find it on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

New York, NY (June 27, 2018) – The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia was recognized one of the best crisis management books of all time. Agony of Decision is #2 on the list of the “51 Best Crisis Management Books of All Time” by Book Authority, the leading resource for nonfiction book recommendations.

“I’m honored to find out that the Agony of Decision was given this recognition,” said Garcia, “I hope this book will continue to help leaders think clearly and make smart choices in a crisis.”

Book Authority has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc. and serves millions of book recommendations monthly. Ratings for the best crisis management book of all time are calculated using a sophisticated algorithm, taking into account signals such as:

  • Public mentions of the book
  • Recommendations, ratings and reviews
  • Analysis of user behavior and sentiment
  • Sales history and velocity
  • Book age, information and editions

Book Authority awarded also The Agony of Decision a badge of recognition for being one of the Best New Crisis Management Books of 2018.

The Agony of Decision is available as in both paperback and Kindle e-book editions on Amazon.

New York, NY (March 19, 2018) – This week, Logos Senior Advisor Anthony Ewing spoke at the Business and Human Rights Forum: Goals and Challenges conference in Bogotá, Colombia, on the importance of teaching “business and human rights” at law schools worldwide. The conference was organized by the Ponitificia Universidad Javeriana Law School and the Government of Colombia’s Presidential Office on Human Rights.

Anthony has taught the subject at Columbia Law School since 2001 and co-directs the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, a global platform for collaboration among teachers.

New York, NY (Nov. 17, 2017) – On Thursday, November 16, 2017, the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership honored America’s Crisis Guru ®, James E. Lukaszewski with the inaugural Outstanding Leader Award. That evening, nearly 50 communication industry professionals came together to celebrate Lukaszewski’s storied career and contributions to the field.

The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes established industry professionals for their consequential professional achievements that set the aspirational standard for others, and the recipient’s excellence in the use of strategic communication to achieve professional or business objectives with substantial and positive results. Recipients also possess the impressive ability to inspire and empower others through their status as role models, trusted advisors, and visionaries.


“When considering who to honor with our inaugural Outstanding Leader Award, Jim was our immediate first thought,” said Helio Fred Garcia, president of Logos Consulting Group. “Jim has not only set a high standard through his decades of leadership as America’s Crisis Guru, but his scholarship and mentorship of others, including myself, has made a lasting impact on field.”

For more than four decades, Lukaszewski has helped senior leaders facing crisis get through challenges with focus, ethics, and decisive action. President and Chairman of the Board of The Lukaszewski Group Inc., Lukaszewski is a highly regarded leader in crisis management and strategic communication. In addition to advising to those “at the top,” Lukaszewski has also dedicated much of his career to sharing his wisdom and time with students and young professionals only starting their careers. With 13 books and hundreds of articles and monographs authored, his mentorship and leadership influence have easily touched thousands.

“I want to have an important, constructive impact on the lives of people and organizations I help. My ultimate goal in working with other PR professionals or staff members is to help them learn to have happier, successful, and more important and influential lives,” said Lukaszewski. “I’m honored these efforts are recognized by Logos.”

New York, NY (July 20, 2017) – Today, the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press is pleased to announce the release of our first publication, The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia. This is the first volume  of Logos Institute Best Practice Series.

The Agony of Decision is about how leaders and the organizations they lead can maintain reputation, trust, confidence, financial and operational strength, and competitive advantage in a crisis.

“A wise man once said, the only meaningful way to escape the agony of decision is by thinking,” said Garcia, “that’s why I felt the necessity of writing this book — to help leaders think clearly, plan carefully, and execute effectively when facing high-stakes decisions.”

Through Garcia’s 30-plus years of professional involvement in thousands of crises affecting companies, governments, NGOs, and other organizations, he has discovered that the real value in resolving crises is not in excellent internal and external communication, nor in highest-quality tactical execution, however important they may be. Rather, the real value comes from helping clients figure out and answer the bigger questions and then make the tough choices in a timely way. The execution would follow. So would the communication.

This book is for leaders of organizations who need to be good stewards of reputation, trust, and competitive advantage; and for those who advise those leaders, whether in public relations, law, or other business disciplines. We hope you find it helpful.

The book is now available on Amazon for individual or bulk orders.