How To Succeed in a PR Agency: Real Talk to Grow Your Career & Become Indispensable, written by Logos Institute colleague Kristin Johnson and her co-author Shalon Roth, was named “22 Best New PR Books To Read In 2020” by Book Authority, the world’s leading site for nonfiction book recommendations.

How To Succeed in a PR Agency was published in January 2019 by Routledge and in the year since has gained awards and recognition in industry and academia. The book guides early to mid-career PR professionals through the day-to-day life of working in a public relations agency and outlines the skills required to excel and build a successful career in PR. The book includes industry insights from 17 PR professionals who represent a variety of PR agencies and client sectors and outline “real world” experiences in practice.

Kristin has integrated the book in her classroom instruction at NYU, where since 2014 she’s taught PR Consulting in the master’s degree program in public relations and corporate communication.

Recognition by BookAuthority is reserved for only the best of the best industry books. Ratings are calculated based on a proprietary technology to identify and rate the best nonfiction books, using dozens of different signals, including public mentions, recommendations, ratings, sentiment, popularity and sales history. BookAuthority does not accept requests to feature a book, nor does it do business with publishers or authors.

BookAuthority serves millions of book recommendations every month, was ranked #1 on ProductHunt, and has been featured on CNNForbes and Inc.


On Friday May 3 Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership honored Dr. Guanpeng (Steven) Dong with the 2019 Logos Institute Outstanding Leader Award.

Dr. Dong is an accomplished strategic communicator, crisis advisor, educator, and philanthropist with a multinational presence; he is presently the Provost of Communication University of China in Beijing, the leading school that prepares journalists, PR practitioners, graphic designers, documentary filmmakers, and marketers in China. At the school he is also Chair and Professor of Media and Public Affairs for the Faculty of Professional Studies and Executive Education. He is also a public relations advisor to the senior-most government officials in the Chinese government as one of the official advisors for transparent governance, strategic communications and crisis management for the State Council Ministries.

He is Vice Chair of the China Public Relations Association (the Chair is a professional party functionary). He is also Deputy Chair of Communication and Education of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the industry association of the largest companies in China, including Alibaba and Tencent, among others.

The celebratory day began with a panel discussion with Dr. Dong, moderated by Logos institute president Helio Fred Garcia, in the public relations and corporate communication Master’s program at New York University, about the public relations industry development and career opportunities in China. The award reception was held in the evening at the Logos Institute where more than 40 guests came to honor Dr. Dong.

Helio Fred Garcia and Dr. Dong have been friends since 2011, when Dr. Dong invited Fred to teach strategic communication in Tsinghua University through its Institute for Strategic Communication and Public Relations, of which Dr. Dong was a founding direcetor.

In 2015 Dr. Dong, who had moved to Communication University in China, invited Fred to speak as part of his The Power of Communication Chinese edition book tour in China. Fred has been a Senior Fellow of Communication University of China since 2015

With this week’s reunion, Dr. Dong and Logos Institute are both excited about the potential opportunities to collaborate in the future in terms of joint book publishing and teaching between Logos institute and Communication University of China.

The Outstanding Leader Award is a recognition of excellence among senior professionals in the strategic communication who embody three things: he Award recognizes leaders who embody three things:

  1. 1Consequential professional achievement that sets the standard for other leaders to aspire to;
  2. That they have used strategic communication or public relations to change the world;
  3. That they have inspired and empowered the next generation of leaders through teaching, mentoring, for their advocacy on behalf of others.

The first Outstanding Leader Award was given to  James E. Lukaszewski, “America’s Crisis Guru”®. Jim Lukaszewski, President and Chairman of the Board of The Lukaszewski Group Inc., is a highly regarded leader in crisis management and strategic communication.

A video of the ceremony presenting Dr. Dong with the award is below:


The Agony of Decision, written by Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership executive director Helio Fred Garcia, recently received recognition for being one of the “51 Best Crisis Management Books of All Time” by Book Authority, the leading resource for nonfiction book recommendations. The Agony of Decision earned the number two spot on the list of 51 books.

Image Source: Book Authority

Book Authority ratings are calculated using a sophisticated algorithm, taking into account signals such as:

  • Public mentions of the book
  • Recommendations, ratings and reviews
  • Analyzing user behavior and sentiment
  • Sales history and velocity
  • Book age, information and editions

Book Authority has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc. and serves millions of book recommendations monthly.


Additionally, Book Authority awarded The Agony of Decision   a badge of recognition for being one of the Best New Crisis Management Books of 2018.

The Agony of Decision is available as in both paperback and Kindle e-book editions, here.

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Logos Institute For Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press

The Agony of Decision is the first book published under the Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership Press imprint as well as the first book in the Logos Institute Best Practices Series.

The series provides conceptual frameworks that help make sense of complicated issues by incorporating case studies, actionable tools, tips, and techniques that help leaders make smart choices and build competitive advantage when it matters most.

The Agony of Decision is about the specific ability leaders need in order to maintain reputation, trust, confidence, financial and operational strength, and competitive advantage in a crisis. This ability is mental readiness which comprises 1) emotional discipline, or the self-control needed to execute necessary but difficult choices, 2) deep knowledge, or an understanding of the patterns that show what works and what doesn’t work in a crisis, and 3) intellectual rigor, or the ability to make smart choices by asking the right questions at the right time.

Since the book’s publication in July 2017, Garcia has spoken with more than 15 organizations and their leaders about The Agony of Decision and the valuable lessons within its pages. Some of these organizations include New York University’s Stern School of Business, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, U.S. Defense Information School, U.S. Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and National Investor Relations Institute, Public Relations Society of America. Garcia has also discussed concepts from The Agony of Decision in interviews with NASDAQ, CNBC’s Power Lunch, Canada Television News, Canada’s CBC News, and on the five-star rated podcast Women Worldwide aired on C-Suite Radio.

Logos Institute Thought Leadership

Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership stands at the intersection of scholarship and practice, providing rigorous analysis and practical application of key leadership principles.

Institute fellows publish their insights on the Logos Institute blog in addition to pursuing thought leadership avenues beyond the Institute and its publishing imprint. All Logos Institute fellows teach at leading graduate, law, and professional schools, either as members of the faculty or as regularly-scheduled guest speakers.

Adam Tiouririne served as the language analyst for Bloomberg Politics’ coverage of the 2016 U.S. presidential election; from the first primary debates to the convention speeches and inauguration day, he analyzed candidates’ every word for millions of readers worldwide. Kristin Johnson, who spent nearly a decade in escalating roles of global PR agencies before joining Logos Consulting Group, is the co-author of a forthcoming book to be published by Routledge that demystifies the PR agency experience to help those new to the PR industry grow in their careers and as leaders.

Garcia also has a forthcoming book he is co-authoring with John Doorley, the fourth edition of Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication. The fourth edition will feature contributions from Johnson and Logos Institute fellow Holly Helstrom.

Garcia is also the author of The Power of Communication, published in 2012 by Pearson. The book builds on the U.S. Marine Corps’ legendary publication Warfighting, and shows how to apply the Corps’ proven leadership and strategy doctrine to all forms of public communication — and achieve truly extraordinary results.

On Thursday, November 16th, Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership gathered with nearly 50 communication industry guests to celebrate James E. Lukaszewski, “America’s Crisis Guru”®, as he was honored as the inaugural, 2017 recipient of the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership Outstanding Leader Award.

The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes established industry professionals for their consequential professional achievements that set the aspirational standard for others, and the recipient’s excellence in the use of strategic communication to achieve professional or business objectives with substantial and positive results. Recipients also possess the impressive ability to inspire and empower others through their status as role models, trusted advisors, and visionaries.    

Jim Lukaszewski, President and Chairman of the Board of The Lukaszewski Group Inc., is a highly regarded leader in crisis management and strategic communication. For more than four decades he’s helped senior leaders facing crisis get through challenges with focus, ethics, and decisive action. In addition to being an advisor to those “at the top,” Jim has dedicated much of his career to sharing his wisdom and time with students and young professionals only starting their careers. He remains, in fact, a mentor to Logos President Helio Fred Garcia, and inspired much of what developed to be the Logos Method. With 13 books and hundreds of articles and monographs authored, his mentorship and leadership influence have easily touched many thousands.

(James E. Lukaszewski, 2017 Outstanding Leader Award recipient)

Jim began his illustrious career working as the assistant press secretary to the governor of Minnesota, then as deputy commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Economic Development, before starting his first crisis management firm in 1978 with the help of his wife Barbara; the firm was acquired by a larger PR firm five years later. In 1986, Jim moved to New York to work as a crisis consultant under the tutelage of Chester Burger, a mentee of Edward L. Bernays, also known as the Father of Public Relations. “One of the greatest talents Jim has is that he knows how to listen; that is hard to do when you know the answer,” said Burger ( Barnes, 2009,  Living Legends in Public Relations).

(President of Logos Consulting Group Helio Fred Garcia presenting the award to James E. Lukaszewski)

Ever dedicated to his clients and the industry, Jim served for 22 years on the Public Relations Society of America’s Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) and became its first Emeritus member. His list of recognitions is long and the gratitude of clients and mentees is deep.

“The reason I do what I do is simple,” says Jim. “I want to have an important, constructive impact on the lives of people and organizations I help. My ultimate goal in working with other PR professionals or staff members is to help them learn to have happier, successful, and more important and influential lives” ( Barnes, 2009,  Living Legends in Public Relations).

Please join us in honoring Jim for his distinguished service and achievement.

To watch the award ceremony, please click here

Carolina Perez Sanz, recipient of the 2017 Rising Leader Award from the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership


On Thursday May 18th, Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership hosted one of two inaugural awards ceremonies honoring distinguished leaders in the strategic communication field, consisting of the Rising Leader Award and Outstanding Leader Award.

Carolina Perez Sanz was the 2017 recipient of the Rising Leader Award, with the Outstanding Leader Award ceremony still to come in Fall 2017.

The Rising Leader Award honors new professionals, recent graduates, and students for their extraordinary leadership potential and demonstration of excellence in their work that offers meaningful contributions to the strategic communication profession.

The Outstanding Leader Award honors established industry professionals for their consequential professional achievements that set the aspirational standard for others. The award also recognizes the recipient’s excellence in use of strategic communication to achieve professional or business objectives with substantial and positive results.

Carolina recently graduated from the M.S. program in public relations and corporate communications from New York University’s School of Professional Studies, where she wrote her final capstone on how women in male-dominated professions can become leaders and inspire trust more effectively.

Carolina also completed a PhD in applied linguistics at Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset in Spain. For her PhD, she did extensive research into how female broadcasters use their voices when performing on the air. She is also a certified speech therapist, and writes her own blog, Power at Speech, that focuses on how voice and speech influence the perception of public figures’ personalities. Carolina is currently an  adjunct assistant professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, where she teaches public speaking.

Please join Logos Institute in congratulating Carolina Perez Sanz for being 2017’s Rising Leader Award recipient! The award presentation was streamed on Facebook Live. To view the archived video, click here.

Stay tuned for further announcements for the Fall 2017 Outstanding Leader Award ceremony.