Musings on Spiritual Matters: Review of The Power of Communication by Matthew Morine


Matthew Morine, Pulpit Minister of the Castle Rock Church of Christ in Castle Rock, Colorado, posted a review of The Power of Communication today on his blog, Musings on Spiritual Matters. Highlights from the review include:


“I was not too excited about reading this book.  Sometimes books from a business culture do not translate well to the church culture.  But this book was excellent.  And it was deep.”


“This book has a ton of awesome lessons for a leader in regards to communication.  As a minister, this is helpful stuff as you are often a mouthpiece for the church.  It provides more than some lessons on what to do in speaking, but more on how to use speaking to lead an organization…The book trains you well.  Awesome book on communication.”


To read the full review, click here.