Logos Institute Partners with PRSA to Deliver Master Class on Crisis Communication

Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership executive director Helio Fred Garcia and Institute fellows Adam Tiouririne and Holly Helstrom delivered a two-day master class on crisis communication in partnership with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

The master class was an expansion of a six-week online certificate course that was also curated by Logos and offered through PRSA that was an introduction to the foundational principles of crisis response. More than 200 communication professionals participated in the online course, an appetite that was also reflected for the waitlisted two-day master class.

Online certificate program offered by Logos Institute and PRSA

More than 30 middle and senior level communication professionals traveled to Chicago for the two-day immersion class, with some traveling from as far as California and Barbados to attend. Over the course of the two days, participants explored in greater depth the foundational principles of effective crisis response including the importance of appropriate decision criteria, timeliness, and mental readiness in crisis as well as how these principles apply to social media-related crises.

Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership executive director Helio Fred Garcia welcoming participants

Participants also learned about the elements of an effective apology, how to craft a well-structured stand-by statement, and how to achieve operational readiness in a crisis. In order to earn the certificate of completion participants were required to develop a crisis response plan including a stand-by statement for a crisis they determined as most significant to their respective organizations.

Logos Institute fellow Adam Tiouririne presenting on the impact of language


Logos Institute fellow Holly Helstrom presenting on social media and effective crisis response

In addition to walking away with a tangible work product, participants also received a free copy of Helio Fred Garcia’s book The Agony of Decision.  Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership has conducted webinars, seminars, and workshops for PRSA for more than 15 years.






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