Kristin Johnson Offers Perspective on Organizational Culture at NYU

New York University’s School of Professional Studies (SPS), Division of Programs in Business (DPB), hosted a “Hot Topics Breakfast Series” panel Monday, April 25, titled, “Organizational Culture: The Secrets to Success.”

The panel included SPS DPB faculty, including Kristin Johnson from Logos Consulting Group and the Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership, representing the master’s degree program in public relations and corporate communication where she teaches PR Consulting.

Other panelists included Arthur T. Matthews, adjunct assistant professor, Project Management; John O’Malley, adjunct instructor, Integrated Marketing; and Dr. Anna Tavis, adjunct instructor, Human Resources Management and Development. The panel was moderated by Terry McCarthy, adjunct instructor, Integrated Marketing.

Topics explored included the definition of culture, what it means to build culture, and how culture influences the success of an organization, among many discussion points.

The panel was attended by more than 40 students, administrators, and faculty from the SPS academic community.

For more information on NYU SPS events, visit the School’s events calendar (link).


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