Iris Wenting Xue earns the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate

The Logos Institute for Crisis Management & Executive Leadership is pleased to announce that Iris Wenting Xue earned the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate N3, which is certified by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services in collaboration with the American Association of Teachers of Japanese.

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (in Japanese:日本語能力試験/にほんごのうりょくしけん) or JLPT, is the largest Japanese-language test in the world, with approximately 610,000 examinees in 62 countries and areas worldwide. It is a standardized test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers, covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.

The JLPT has five levels: N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. The easiest level is N5 and the most difficult level is N1. This is Iris’s first test and she passed the N3 level.

Iris also earned the highest level of German Language Certificate of the Education Ministers Conference (in German: Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz Stufe II). She was born in Shanghai, China. Her native languages are Mandarin and Shanghainese. She is fluent in English, and understands Cantonese in professional working proficiency.

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