Anthony Ewing Leads Teaching Workshop

Logos Senior Advisor Anthony Ewing recently co-led the Fifth Annual Teaching Business and Human Rights Workshop at Columbia University.

Anthony is a co-founder, with Joanne Bauer of Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights, of the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, a unique platform for collaboration among individuals teaching business and human rights worldwide. As demand for university and professional business and human rights education grows worldwide, individuals teaching the subject face common challenges and opportunities. The Forum seeks to promote and strengthen business and human rights education by connecting individuals teaching the subject in different faculties and geographies. Since 2001, Anthony has taught the seminar “Transnational Business and Human Rights” at Columbia University, where he is a Lecturer in Law.

The Forum grew out of an inaugural workshop in May 2011 at Columbia University that convened twenty professors from the United States and the United Kingdom to share teaching strategies and resources. The Forum has since grown to include more than 200 members teaching business and human rights at more than 115 institutions in 26 countries on five continents.

This year’s Workshop, on May 18-19th, brought together 35 individuals teaching business and human rights at schools of law, business and international affairs worldwide, including professors from Canada, China, Denmark, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Topics of discussion included teaching non-judicial grievance mechanisms, recent national policy and legislative developments, and key issues in emerging economies like China.

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