Another Five Star Review on Amazon: “Well-written and Very Useful”

Amazon Vine reviewer Sharon Beverly gave The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively five stars.

Highlights from the review:
“The Power of Communication by Helio Fred Garcia is very well-written, timely in its use of historical examples, and looks at the art of communication from a unique perspective. As one would expect of a book that is about communication, the message is delivered to the reader very effectively…
This book is an easy read—a testament to the author’s assertion to speak to one’s audience. It is intended for managers and executives; people who generally do not have a lot of leisure reading time. The book also covers a wide range of communication topics: audience engagement; word choice; speed; and many more, with the Marine manual, Warfighting, as its focusing lens. This wide variety of topics allows the reader to implement the lessons imparted by the book regardless of whether one is writing an email or preparing a speech in front of a live audience.
The historical examples chosen by the author are all within the last decade, allowing the audience to clearly remember the success or failure highlighted in each example. I was also pleased to see examples drawn from various fields: politics; business; government administration; etc. This shows the reader that, no matter what industry or business you work in, there is valuable information within this book for you.”