Amazon Top 500 Reviewer Gives Five Stars

Amazon Vine top-500 reviewer K. Salinger gave The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively a five-star rating. Among the review’s comments: “The author writes well and makes what could be complicated ideas very easy to understand (to the point that a reader might think “well DUH!”, yet they may not have thought of it left to their own devices…). “The author is also great at describing the “why” of it—so that you truly understand, and with understanding you begin to realize the importance of seemingly simple things. He uses relevant, current examples to illustrate his points. “Overall this is an amazingly useful book for anyone at any level of leadership or management (and those who aspire to be leaders)…[it] can give just about anyone a strong, solid foundation for true leadership—not the kind of leadership that’s based on your title or position, but the type that comes from being the kind of person that people naturally admire and want to follow.”