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How Do DE&I Programs Go Wrong? And How Can We Make Them Right?

You have likely heard many arguments about the value that diversity can bring to a workplace. Over the past several decades, businesses have invested meaningfully in implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs that focus on diversity in their organizations. In fact, almost 98% of U.S. companies had some sort of DE&I program as of […]

How To Celebrate Heritage Months, Correctly: A Case Study of the 2022 Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

“Our organization wants to celebrate [X] Heritage/History Month, but we are not sure how.” This has been an increasingly common concern we hear from clients. Heritage month celebrations in the United States were established by congressional proclamations during the 20th century. Now, they are celebrated throughout the year, commemorating the histories and contributions of historically […]

Micro-affirmations: The Power of Tiny Acts of Inclusion

In my first few years after coming to the United States from China, I was known and addressed by two names. The first was my own name, Yinnan, given to me by my parents. The other was Iris, a name I gave myself for the ease of others in the United States – Starbucks staff, […]


What It Means to Be An Asian Woman in The Workplace

And What Businesses Can To to Create An Inclusive Culture   I have an uncommon, un-American-looking name. Many people whom I’ve met in person multiple times in a professional setting have never remembered or addressed me by my name. People often mispronounce my name without trying to figure out the correct pronunciation, or just choose […]


The Plague of Hate: What Now?

“You f*&#ing stupid Asian!” On a sunny afternoon in 2017, a man hurled this insult at me as I was crossing Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan, minding my own business. I didn’t take it seriously at the time. It was my second year living in the U.S., and I thought I just had an unlucky […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Global Crisis Advisor and President of Logos Consulting Group, Helio Fred Garcia, on Meat Processing Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global Crisis Advisor and President of Logos Consulting Group, Helio Fred Garcia, on Meat Processing Crisis: “Corporate Negligence” NEW YORK (May 7, 2020) – “The meat processing crisis is an example of leaders knowingly putting their people at risk,” said Helio Fred Garcia, Global Crisis Advisor and President of Logos Consulting Group. “This […]

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Five Principles for Maintaining Trust When Making Unpopular Decisions in A Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a battle not only for lives, but also for hearts and minds. Companies must also survive the court of public opinion through effectively responding to and communicating about the crisis. There are five best practices that determine whether companies win or lose trust when implementing unfavorable actions in catastrophic situations.

PRESS RELEASE: The Chinese Edition of The Agony of Decision by Helio Fred Garcia Can Help Restore Trust in a Post-COVID-19 China

New York, NY (April 14th, 2020) – The Chinese language edition of The Agony of Decision: Mental Readiness and Leadership in a Crisis by Helio Fred Garcia has been published by the Posts & Telecom Press, a leading publisher of business and non-fiction titles in China. The publisher has positioned the book as an essential tool for Chinese leaders in […]